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Reading Circle for Educators

The Reading Circles for Saskatchewan Educators are a series of virtual gatherings held in the fall, winter, and spring, designed for educators to discuss books that delve into global issues. This unique platform allows teachers to share opinions, exchange resources, and collaborate on educational techniques relevant to Saskatchewan classrooms. With a lineup of expert presenters and guest speakers, the Reading Circles spark engaging conversations on topics like decolonization, power and privilege, anti-racism, democracy, feminism, war and conflict, and Indigenous environmental knowledge. By joining, educators can connect with a community of peers, gain insights, and become thought leaders in their schools and districts. Participation is easy—just visit our website to find the next virtual meeting. Whether you're a veteran teacher or new to the field, these sessions offer valuable learning experiences and a chance to make a positive impact in your classroom and beyond.

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Spring 2024 Reading Circle

SCIC Reading Circles will focus on the experiences of a female activist from Myanmar/Burma in May and June.  If you are interested in learning about and sharing with your students the experiences faced by those in Myanmar/Burma, please join us on May 29th, June 5th, June 12th to read "Undaunted: A Memoir of Survival in Burma and the West" by Zoya Phan and Damien Lewis. 

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