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InSight Training

InSight is an education initiative to provide a unique teaching opportunity to youth across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Through the shared experience of the immersive films curated from the United Nations and International aid community and hands-on STEAM-based learning activities, youth will understand the challenges people in the Global South face, and together, develop innovative solutions taught through our workshops. These workshops are co-designed and hosted in partnership with Alberta Council for Global Cooperation and Manitoba Council for International Cooperation.

InSight videos and workshops on women and girls in the Global South can be facilitated by an SCIC staff member. If you are interested in bringing one of these workshops into your classroom click the button below!

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InSight Teacher Toolkit

This toolkit aims to guide students through the shared experience of immersive storytelling through virtual reality (VR) films curated from the United Nations and the international cooperation community. The toolkit promotes positive social change by engaging students as global citizens and by inspiring action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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