Lesson Plan

The Real Survivor - Social Studies/Health/Science 4-6

Through this interactive game, students are introduced to a range of factors that people living in poor rural communities in developing countries face that contribute to their cycle of poverty. The interactions between environmental, economic, social and political factors are stressed as each student tries to collect enough food to “survive.” Following the game, students analyze the many factors that contribute to food security through discussion and by completing a summary chart and questions as an extension activity.

Download Lesson Plans

  • Student Handouts (English)
  • BLM 6.2 - Food Cards

  • BLM 6.3 - Factors Handout

  • BLM 6.4 - Activity Card Instructions
  • Student Handouts (French)
  • BLM6.2 - Food Cards (F)
  • BLM6.3 - Factors Handout (F)
  • Extra Teacher Resources
  • Additional Resources
  • Maps
  • Country Information
  • Ghana Canada Statistics
  • Interesting Facts about Ghana
  • Favourite Food and recipes of Ghana