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Jessica Wood

Executive Director | Email

Jessica has been involved with SCIC since 2012, first as a supporter, then as staff, and as a member of the Board of Directors prior to taking on the role of Executive Director in 2018. She has over 20 years experience in human rights, youth empowerment and environmental protection initiatives in communities across Canada, Central America, Australia, China, and South-East Asia. Jessica is proud to be SCIC's Executive Director, a member of the Inter-Council Network, and a member of Cooperation Canada’s Board of Directors. As such, she is dedicated to increasing active engagement towards more just, equitable, and sustainable global cooperation. Jessica believes that by supporting movements grounded in intersectional feminism and reconciliation, a better world is possible and that, as the challenges we face both globally and locally are interconnected, so too, are the solutions. 

Arlene Janzen

Finance Officer | Email

Arlene is the Finance Officer at SCIC and has been in that position since 1993. Previously she was on the Board of Directors for SCIC. Arlene's work includes ensuring the finances of SCIC are accurate and transparent and to help ensure the viability and sustainability of SCIC.

Denise MacDonald

Member Services and Public Engagement Officer | Email

Denise MacDonald is SCIC’s Member Services and Outreach Coordinator and has been with the organization since 2000. She is responsible for SCIC’s Member Services including capacity-building and networking opportunities for SCIC members. She organizes SCIC’s public engagement events to promote collaboration and movement building, and supports efforts for global ecological, economic and social justice.  

Denise holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Regina and a BA Hons. in International Development and Political Science from the University of Toronto. She gathers her strength from the incredibly brave southern partners and human rights and earth defenders she has met through her work at SCIC and through her travels, and has seen first-hand the positive impact of global solidarity. 

Amy Bosche 

Education Coordinator | Email 

Amy works with other educators throughout the province to bring Global Citizenship Curriculum and teachings into schools across the province.

Amy holds a Bachelor of Education and worked as a Special Education Teacher in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. She moved over to the non-profit sector 10 years ago after volunteering and working casually for a number of non-profit organizations during her time as a teacher. 

Amy has a passion for social justice work and believes as an educator, it is imperative that educators, teachers, and students are discussing issues around social justice and working together to create a more just and sustainable world.

Tatenda Mhaka

Youth Coordinator | Email

Tatenda’s work with SCIC centers on youth leadership and empowerment programming. She is a humanitarian at heart with an incurable advocacy for gender equality and fighting global poverty. She has been dedicated to the field of international development for some time contributing to the successful fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Tatenda is equipped with a Master’s Degree in Intercultural and International Communication from Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, including a BA Degree in International Development Studies and Sociology from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Tatenda believes in the African Philosophy of ‘Ubuntu,’ – I am because you are – which speaks to the interconnectedness of humanity. To quote from Nelson Mandela, together we can “start changing our world for the better daily, no matter how small the action.”

Thom Gallet

Communications and Campaign Coordinator | Email

Driven by people and conversation, Thom brings a unique style to SCIC's communication and works to widen our reach here in Saskatchewan with a focus on creating community. Thom comes with a degree in Business with experience working overseas in Malawi with Engineers Without Borders and a grassroots coffee cooperative in Guatemala. Thom is also a writer, having blogs published in topics ranging from mental health to social media strategy as he avidly pursues his passion. 

Hani Rukh E Qamar 

Program Assistant | Email

Hani is a BSc. Psychology and International Development Studies student with a focus in Economic Development and Living Standards at McGill University. Hani has experience working with many non-profit organizations across Canada and she is an avid activist for gender equality and womxn rights. Hani also founded her own youth-led NPO dedicated to empowering women immigrants in Canada. Due to her experiences in the non-profit sector and outreach work, Hani brings a diverse skill set to the SCIC team. In her spare time, Hani loves to paint and volunteer her time to causes she deeply cares about.

2020/2021 Board of Directors

  • Saadia Burki | Board President
  • Simone Hengen | Vice-President
  • Mahjouba Fadel | Treasurer
  • Terri Sleeva | Secretary
  • Victoria Flores
  • Devon Anderson
  • Jones Enebeli
  • Clarine Mukendi
  • Kara Haus
  • Logan Huard


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