Speak Up, Inspire Change Poetry Competiton Winners

We are very excited to announce the winning entries for the Speak Up, Inspire Change poetry competition!

As a part of SCIC's LookDeeper campaign, SCIC accepted poems, prose poems, and spoken word art that explores root causes of global issues such as hunger, health, education, and conflict, and inspires others to look deeper at our roles as global citizens.

Four winning entries were recorded in studio to create powerful 60 second radio spots. Read all winning poems, listen to the new radio ads "Choose to Tell" and "Dear My Child" and more on the LookDeeper campaign site:

Special congratulations to our Speak Up, Inspire Change Finalists Cat Abenstein and Nathaniel Athian Deng, who wrote our winning entries that went on to be aired on Saskatchewan radio encouraging us all to LookDeeper.