Shayne Lazarowich is a musician, songwriter, internationalist, anti-racist organizer, community enabler and advocate for social justice.

Shayne Lazarowich is a musician, songwriter, internationalist, anti-racist organizer, community enabler, and advocate for multiculturalism and reconciliation. His music reaches deep into your soul, and is a shoutout for peace, harmony, and social justice for all.

Shayne founded Rock Against Racism Sask in 2018 and coordinates multicultural community events that use the power of song and gathering to create change. Shayne has coordinated the work of the Prince Albert Multicultural Council (PAMC) as its Executive Director and worked with the Métis Addiction Council of Saskatchewan Inc. (MACSI) as Director of Communications. He has served as a board member for the Prince Albert and District Chamber of Commerce, as President of the Canadian Mental Health Association (PA Branch), and a board member for the Saskatchewan Association of Immigrant Settlement and Integration Agencies (SAISIA).  Shayne’s career includes work with Indigenous Peoples and Newcomers to Canada, and he has been involved in several other organizations, including the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan and the Prince Albert Diversity-Wise Committee.

Shayne has lived and worked internationally, in various capacities and contexts, for a substantial part of his adult life.  His work has taken him to Guatemala for two years, Taiwan for eight years, and more recently, to Nicaragua for three years, working with organizations such as Canada World Youth/Jeunesse Canada Monde and El Instituto de Promoción Humana (INPRHU). Shayne currently resides between Saskatoon, Canada and Estelí, Nicaragua.

What does Global Citizenship mean to you? 

I like to think of “Global Citizenship” as going beyond the borders of one's own community, country, or culture (physically, or otherwise) to learn, to participate, to contribute, and to support others. Citizenship, of any kind, includes the responsibility to help and support where help is needed, and to give what one can, rather than merely taking.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find great inspiration in people of all walks of life - in their respective music and art, as well as in their collective struggle to overcome and to push for greater equity and justice throughout the world.

What do you see as one of the most encouraging or innovative trends that is creating positive change in our world right now?

Of course, there are many encouraging trends (as well as some not so encouraging trends), but one thing that has helped a lot in recent Rock Against Racism Sask work has been the rapid emergence of multiple platforms, technologies, and other services for the production and delivery of online interviews, livestreams, and other virtual events.  This has been especially useful during these times of the COVID-19 pandemic and social gathering restrictions. While online activities and events may not have the same feel/appeal as do in-person activities and events, there is great opportunity to reach larger, more diverse, and more distant audiences. For our most recent Rock Against Racism Sask event, for example, we were able to reach thousands of people from across the province, even in the north and other remote areas, and beyond the borders of Saskatchewan and even Canada.  This would never have been possible, of course, with a traditional in-person style event, localized in Saskatoon. With these events we have also been able to reach a much more diverse audience, including differently-abled people, seniors, and others who may be less interested/able to attend an in-person event.