SCIC Global Citizen Awards

Awards are presented annually during International Development Week celebrations, which take place during the first full week of February (some exceptions might be made due to COVID-19). The Global Citizen Awards ceremony brings people from across Saskatchewan together to celebrate, to learn from one another, and to network and build relationships with like-minded people.

Global Citizen Award Nomination Guide

About the Global Citizen Award

Presented by the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation (SCIC), the Global Citizen Awards recognize Saskatchewan innovation by nominating changemakers making important contributions to international cooperation, peace and global justice. 

Global Citizen Award honourees are nominated and selected through a peer-review process conducted by SCIC. Since it was initiated in 1990, over 100 Saskatchewan people, organizations, and campaigns have received the Global Citizen Award. During the 30 years of the award’s history, honourees have come from numerous backgrounds including educators, youth, community organizers, politicians, doctors, volunteers, and others.

Awards are presented annually during International Development Week celebrations. This year, the Global Citizen Award ceremony will virtually bring people together from across Saskatchewan to learn from one another, and to celebrate the amazing achievements of like-minded people.

Overall Criteria

  1. Nominees must be a resident of Saskatchewan or have a strong connection to this province by residing in SK for at least 5 years of the duration of their work.
  2. International cooperation/global justice and/or education work is undertaken by the nominee must be *non-proselytizing, as reflected in SCIC’s bylaws 
  3. International development and/or education work undertaken by the nominee must adhere to SCIC’s Statement of Development Principles 
  4. Nominees must take an active role in shaping a more just, equitable, and sustainable global community.
  5. Work is innovative and provides measurable results in their respective field.
  6. Self-nomination vs. third party nomination
    1. If you are nominating yourself, you need a third-party document to substantiate self-nomination
      1. Two references that can comment on the nominee’s work. The references must be recent and not personal connections ie. family members.
  7. If you have nominated this person or yourself before, you must wait 2 years before applying again. 
  8. Posthumous awards will be considered by the selection committee

*Recognized global standards clearly state that agencies may not condition the receipt of assistance or participation in their work on any requirement that people listen and respond to a message intended to induce people to join a religious movement, political party, or other cause of organization.

Nominations for the 2021 awards are now closed. Check out the 2021 winners here and check out our entire list of Global Citizens here

Category Criteria

  • Youth Award
    1. Youth aged 18-35. 
    2. An individual that is generating momentum for local to global change in their community.
    3. An individual who has demonstrated commitment to and shown a passion for global justice issues, international cooperation, peace and solidarity.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 
    1. An individual who has shown dedication, passion and commitment throughout their lives and has made important contributions to international cooperation, peace and global justice. 
    2. There is no age requirement for these individuals, but we usually look to individuals who have an extended experience in their field. 
    3. There is a pattern of continuous growth in their fields of work.
  • Emerging Global Citizen Award 
    1. Youth aged 17 and under.
    2. A young individual who has actively demonstrated interest, passion, and commitment to global justice issues, peace and solidarity.