The Global Hive Toolkit

Public Engagement Effectiveness in Canada

The Inter-Council Network implemented a three-year research program Exploring Public Engagement Effectiveness in Canada, which resulted in the creation of the Global Hive toolkit. The objectives of the research project were to:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of public engagement (PE) for active global citizenship in Canada;
  • Learn and develop capacity about good practices for public engagement;
  • Demonstrate that public engagement is meaningful and necessary;
  • Build relationships and foster collaboration between different actors in the public engagement community.

This research program was made up of three phases:

Phase 1 was intended to gather a holistic understanding of the current state of public engagement by considering the perspectives of the public (national public opinion poll), practitioners (context analysis process) and academics (bibliography).

Phase 2 gathered experts in seven thematic areas through “Knowledge Hubs” in order to identify and document good practices, resources, and tools. SCIC’s knowledge hub was on the theme of “Youth-Based Public Engagement” and was a chance for experts on youth engagement to discuss the most innovative and effective ways to encourage personal, relational and social change among youth.

Phase 3 involved disseminating our findings the Global Hive Toolkit, through a series of national webinars on each content area, and at a national virtual conference.

Outcomes and Findings:

Global Hive: Tools for Engaging Global Citizens

From the knowledge and information collated and created by the regional Knowledge Hubs, the ICN created The Global Hive online toolkit to deepen the understanding of good practices. This interactive website combines practical tools, case studies, and best practices on how to engage Canadians in order to inspire global citizenship. Check it out!