Program Partners

El Salvador, 2015

SCIC Member Partner

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF)

PWRDF is the Anglican Church of Canada’s agency for sustainable development, relief, refugees, and global justice. With the support of Anglican parishes across Canada, PWRDF makes financial and human resources available to support partners’ initiatives and to promote knowledgeable actions of solidarity at home and around the world.

PWRDF is active in 22 countries, with partners drawn from Anglican churches, ecumenical organizations, and community-based groups. PWRDF supports people-centred development that improves the quality of daily life for vulnerable populations, promotes self-reliance, and addresses root causes of poverty and injustice. Our work is bound together in three strategic themes: Weaving a Culture of Peace with Justice, Building a Moral Economy and Accompanying Communities in Crisis.

PWRDF-supported development programs include:

  • Farmers using traditional and innovative agricultural methods to improve their access to a secure food source;
  • Young people using peer education for HIV/AIDS prevention;
  • Women addressing reproductive health issues;
  • Indigenous peoples recovering and preserving traditional ways for the next generation; Human rights workers documenting abuses;
  • Diverse ethnic communities participating in dialogues and working towards peace.

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In Country Partner

Asociación Comité Contra El Sida Cabañas (CoCoSI) (The Committee Against AIDS)

Location: Canton El Zapote, Ciudad Victoria, Departamento Cabañas, El Salvador

CoCoSI was established on August 29th, 1999. In 2007, CoCoSI gained its own incorporation as an NGO and has been supported by PWRDF since 2005. CoCoSI is made up of professionals whose work involves developing workshops on HIV/STI’s and Gender Based Violence for women, children, adolescents and teens, persons living with HIV, prison populations and the general public. CoCoSI is organized into three programs that initiate development and execution of projects and activities:

  • Prevention: works in rural communities with youth, LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay Bi-sexual, Transgender, and Intersexual), teachers and parents;
    Accompaniment and Mitigation: coordinates with the Ministry of Health and Central Prison System and works with people living with HIV, people deprived of their liberty (PPL – prison inmates), MSM (men who have sex with men), transgender women, family members and populations from rural communities; and
  • Social and Political Advocacy: creates and records all radio spots and news reports to educate about sexuality, gender, gender based violence, LGBTI, human rights and report on violations of human rights.

CoCoSI is the only group in Cabañas carrying out such work and runs workshops with women’s groups and men’s groups, in schools with teachers, students and parents, with health professionals and in prisons. PWRDF celebrates CoCoSI accomplishments, such as the one in July 2010 when they received international recognition by the United Nations HIV/AIDS Program as one of 25 community-based groups from around the world involved in HIV/AIDS education, prevention and advocacy recognized with a Red Ribbon Award.

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