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Personal Waste Assessment Student Action Activity: Class Composting Project - Social Studies 6-9

The Sustainable Schools Teachers’ Guide challenges schools to shift sustainability from textbooks into classrooms. It helps facilitate skills, such as eco-literacy, global awareness and critical thought, which students need to make sustainable decisions. Sustainability is all about learning to share resources with future global generations. Today’s youth have an important role to play in creating an environmental sound and socially just world. So, there’s no better place to start than with than youth education and understanding leading to action for a greener future.

Personal Waste Assessment

In this activity, students record and chart the amount of daily waste they produce. Students can gather personal waste data by collecting the waste they produce throughout the day. The activity is divided into three parts, giving teachers the option of extension opportunities.

Student Action Activity: Class Composting Project

Composting can be an excellent part of a school waste reduction strategy. Composting transforms biodegradable waste that would otherwise be sent to the landfill.

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