Online Education Resources SDG 14: Life Below Water

Published August 4th, 2020


Explore SDG 14: Life Below Water. Did you know that oceans, coastal zones, and marine resources are essential to human life on earth? This means that it is our job to keep our oceans clean and healthy to ensure that our drinking water, climate, food, and oxygen stay healthy.

National Geographic has created a collection of educational resources called Ocean Education, providing several educational tools for children in grades K-2, and 3-5.

Explore the oceans with the Ocean Literacy ‘course’ designed by Ocean Wise for middle school students. Students will earn badges as they complete the modules.

Do you have a Netflix subscription? Have your learner watch one of these documentaries relevant to Life Below Water to inspire thought and encourage critical thinking such as: Why are oceans important to humans? How can we use the oceans in a more sustainable way? What measures can we take to conserve and clean up the oceans? 

Available on Netflix: 

Mission Blue, 2014 (1 H 34 Mins) - about protecting the world’s oceans from threats 

Chasing Coral, 2017 (1 H 29 Mins) - about the disappearance of the world’s coral reefs 

A Plastic Ocean, 2016 (1 H 40 Mins) - about the environmental impacts of pollution in the world’s oceans

Don’t have Netflix? Find an engaging talk related to Life Below Water on Ted Talks (search “ocean”). Or try: 

Let's turn the high seas into the world's largest nature reserve April 2018 (12 Mins 58 S) by Enric Sala 

Why the world needs sharks, September 2015 (17 Mins 27 S) by Ocean Ramsey 

Then, use 3-5 questions from this link to have a discussion with your child about the film.