Online Education Resources SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Published July 14th, 2020


SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities is all about looking at our own homes and communities. Explore these resources and learn how to make your home and community more sustainable!

From the SDG Academy, check out their self-paced course on Sustainable Cities. Developed with the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Sustainable Cities explores the major challenges currently faced by urban areas around the world, including poverty, unemployment, poor housing infrastructure, and constraints on productivity – and the extraordinary potential of these areas to enable change in the future.

Download and print SCIC’s Green Action Plan, a user-friendly tool filled with suggestions and achievable goals.

Screen this short video (Home – 2:31) to introduce the concept of our shared planet/home. Follow-up with some questions and activities from AGA KHAN Foundation Canada’s online classroom resource (on page 5). 

Development is complex. 

Read the fictional story about a woman from Afghanistan, based on real-life challenges that many Afghan women face. Discover that just as problems are complex, so too are solutions.