Online Education Resources SDG 1: No Poverty

Published April 28th, 2020


Our online resources to learn & teach the Sustainable Development Goals from the home launch! If you are learning or teaching from home during COVID-19, we want to give you some tools to continue to be engaged Global Citizens while we all stay at home to help #flattenthecurve

Goal 1 seeks to end poverty in all its forms everywhere. The Committee on Temporary Shelter created Unsheltered Lives, an interdisciplinary resource and activity guide for teaching about homelessness for grades K-12. We have highlighted a couple of our favourite resources from the document, but feel free to explore them all!  

Activity 1: Try page 20 for a great artistic activity that encourages your child to be grateful for what they have, while encouraging empathy for those without. This activity can be done with pen and paper, or spice it up by using modelling clay, pom-poms, or other craft materials to make a diorama!    

Activity 2: Feeling cooped up inside? Head outside for a walk with your child to observe types of houses in your neighborhood. Then, make a collage or draw of different kinds of homes— their own, in their neighborhood, in the city or country, in different parts of the world. Find this activity on page 22 of Unsheltered Lives  

Use Oxfam’s Comparing Young Lives: Resources on Poverty to gain a snapshot into the lives of children around the world.

Learners can use real data, case studies and photographs to develop empathy and investigate the effects of inequality and poverty on children's opportunities. They can then think critically about inequality and hone their skills with specific curriculum-linked sessions.