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Running Time 30:43

SCIC is proud to launch our short documentary, Educators for Solidarity: From Saskatchewan to El Salvador available for free online to stream at your convenience.

Synopsis: In the summer of 2017, eight soon-to-be teachers from Saskatchewan embarked on a journey to explore what it means to be a global citizen, and to learn how they can prepare the next generation of students to make a positive impact in our interconnected world.

On the way, they learn the importance of building relationships, experience what it means to act in solidarity, and begin to understand our shared global challenges from the perspective of those who are most deeply impacted.

About Educators for Solidarity

SCIC's Educators for Solidarity initiative is a unique opportunity for Saskatchewan post-secondary education students to see first-hand the work of SCIC's member agencies on the ground, to learn about international development and global citizenship education, and to build meaningful cross-cultural relationships within and across borders by exploring concepts of solidarity, sustainable development, and equality.

We are inspired by these participants at the beginning of their professions, eager to learn about multiple ways of knowing, teaching, and being in the world, and to share their experiences and act in solidarity with those who they've met along the way.

To learn more about the program or about the 8 participants, click here.

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Thank you to our partners, Primates World Relief and Development Fund, CoCoSI, and Global Affairs Canada for making this journey and documentary possible.