As part of our monthly SCIC Member feature, we are proud to share the work of the Mozambique Building Fund. 

Recently, Saskatchewan-based Mozambique Building Fund was visiting the country when it was struck by Cyclone Freddy, the worst ever to hit southeast Africa. The communities there need help. The Mozambique Building Fund, a registered charitable organization, is now helping raise money for the relief effort. To learn more: [email protected]

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"In the community of Macachula, it was the gateway to Cyclone Freddy, where the winds removed several roofs from the houses and many locally built houses collapsed. In the fields, the winds and strong rains caused the corn plants ready to be harvested to fall and with two days in the water the corn was spoiled, the peanuts that had been harvested that was in the field went with the wind and also what they managed to have with the peanuts that germinated rotted due to lack of sun, and finally the cuttings/plants of cassava were uprooted and flew with the wind. In the same community, two people from the same family died after being struck by lightning." (Horacio Mandevo - Mozambique Canada Maternal Health Team)