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We know that when we recognize our global interconnectedness and work together, we can contribute to global efforts to reduce global poverty and inequality and create a just, peaceful, equitable, and sustainable world for all. 

SCIC's goals include identifying opportunities for innovative partnerships and increasing the capacity of the sector to deliver inclusive, sustainable, innovative, gender-inclusive, best-practice programming that advances Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) and contributes to the effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. As a sector, our goal is to motivate, encourage and support individuals and organizations on a continuum of global citizenship participation from interested bystanders, to engaged supporters, to active, innovative global citizens.
By renewing your membership with SCIC, you will continue to have access to a community of international development, humanitarian relief, and public engagement practitioners with whom you can share ideas and opportunities. Membership in SCIC opens up possibilities for networking and collaboration, communication and public engagement, skills development, and peer learning, as well as representation at the local, national, and international level through the Inter-Council Network and Cooperation Canada. Join us in building awareness, connections, capacity, and momentum among members and the general public! Fill out this simple renewal form here:

SCIC Organizational Membership Renewal 2023/2024


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