Lesson Plan

Malaria - Social Studies 6

This lesson is from the Global Nomads Group, a New York based non-profit founded in 1998. The lesson starts off by asking what the students know about malaria. From there it proceeds to the story of Kofi, a five year old boy whose parents discover he has the disease. The story details the parents' struggle to obtain medical help, and the difficulties faced by others in their village. The lesson goes on to describe how mosquitoes transmit malaria, the life cycle of mosquitoes, and methods that have been used to lessen the effects of these insects.

Although this site provides some good, basic information, it was designed as background information for a teleconference with members of Global Nomads so no student tasks are outlined. However, student activities can easily flow from the information. For example, students could undertake further research into the control efforts outlined, investigate other disease spreading parasites, or research organizations working to provide assistance in malaria prone areas.

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