BEtter for All - Diversity. Inclusion. Equality. | Keynote with Samra Zafar

Women have made great progress, but the barriers to women’s advancement are still very much present in every level of society, especially when it comes to women from immigrant, newcomer, refugee, faith-based, indigenous, and other cultural communities-women who have been taught for generations that they don’t matter.

Join us for a keynote address from bestselling author Samra Zafar as she discusses the importance of equity in feminism and how we can address barriers and create solutions through a lens of intersectionality.

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About Samra Zafar

When she was 17, Samra Zafar was forced into an abusive marriage, which she escaped years later. Since then, her powerful story of vulnerability, hope and resilience has captivated audiences across Canada and beyond. Her book, A Good Wife, became a national bestseller, and is now being adapted for television. Samra is the recipient of the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award and was awarded 100 Most Powerful Women status by the Women's Executive Network, recognizing women for their incredible achievements, and inspiring future generations. Samra speaks to audiences in corporate, education and non-profit sectors on a variety of topics, including leadership, resilience, mental health and human rights.

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