International Women’s Day Conference 2020

Event Details

March 08, 2021 at 4:00pm - 7pm
Online Event

About the event

The International Women’s Day Conference is led by The Canadian Advisory of Women Immigrants, Saskatchewan Council of International Cooperation and UN Women at UdeM. The conference will be featuring four incredible women speakers who will be discussing the importance of their work and how their work empowers women on a global scale.

Alia Youssef, a Vancouver-based portrait and documentary photographer, will discuss why and how she created her award-winning and widely viewed photography series' ‘The Sisters Project' and 'Generations.’ She will share the impact of her work, what she’s learned from the experience of making these projects, as well as share her work's international response.

Madhu Kumar, a Canadian artist and storyteller, will discuss the significance of her artwork and how it supports gender equality on a global scale. Madhu will comment on exploring narratives and supporting women throughout their journeys as immigrants. Isabela Rittinger, the Founder of Bleed the North, will be going through her journey with gender equity and menstrual activism to showcase the inevitability of global citizenship and importance of community in activism. Relying on her various experiences, specifically founding Bleed the North, Isabela will talk about how to sustainably and equitably form your gender equality activism. Marilou Mcphedran, a senator, lawyer and activist, will be discussing the importance of having diverse representatives in Parliament, an especially timely conversation as the Senate of Canada recently attained gender parity. Diverse representation in Parliament is crucial for ensuring the voices of all Canadians are heard, and for ensuring every Canadian can find a role model in a leadership position.

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