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Hive Mind is a new, free online course on best practices for public engagement using practical tools, case studies and resources found in the Global Hive: Tools for Engaging Global Citizens.

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Course Overview:

Designed as an introductory course for anyone who would like to explore the key concepts of public engagement, boost their ability to connect with stakeholders in their communities and learn how to build effective partnerships. The course will provide practical tools for animating the community and connecting with your target audience, with a special focus on reaching students and youth.

Whether you're new to engaging the public, or looking to improve your efforts by reconnecting with the foundations of effective public engagement, this course has something to offer for everyone. With a main focus on youth engagement, this course is also tailored for teachers working to inspire their students to become global citizens, and students who are passionate about social change and campaigning. With ample opportunity to dig deeper, Everything is designed in layers, so there is plenty to delve into if you want to learn more!

How it Works:

This flexible, go at your own pace course takes roughly 20 hours to complete. A certificate is offered upon course completion. The course consists of four modules including interactive presentations, quizzes, activities, case studies, as well as additional resources and articles to go deeper into each topic.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Public Engagement
  • Module 2: Youth Engagement
  • Module 3: Education
  • Module 4: Partnerships & Collaboration

Learning objectives:

  • Create your organization’s Theory of Change and put it into practice;
  • Explore best practices for engaging youth (aged 19-30);
  • Design learning environments that foster engagement and build global citizenship in schools, workplaces and across communities;
  • Assess potential partners and partnerships for alignment with your organization's goals and needs;
  • And more!

For more information, contact Sara Farid at [email protected].

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