Global Citizenship Starts Here!

Wondering how YOU can make a difference? Here are some ideas to get you started...

1. Learn more about important global issues.

  • Look Deeper: Explore the root causes of global issues such as hunger, health, education and conflict through our Look Deeper Campaign.
  • Take our Reading List for Global Citizens down to your local library and pick up a book that interests you.
  • Stay tuned to these media outlets that focus on international development and global justice.

2. Share what you’ve learned.

3. Shop ethically.

  • Use our Ethical Eats website to learn about global issues connected to everyday food items, and find businesses that sell more ethical options near you such as fair trade, local and organic products.

4. Live sustainably.

5. Take action.

6. Get others involved.

7. Get involved overseas.


Reading List for Global Citizens

Do you want to learn more about important global issues? Reading is a great way to learn.

Click here to browse our Reading List for Global Citizens

Reading List - Adult Fancy - SCIC branding

Click here to read short summaries of some of these books.

Have you read a great book that explores global issues? Tell us about it!

Living Green

In many ways it is becoming easier to live environmentally friendly, but that does not mean we should become complacent.Every citizen needs to keep pushing themselves to make green decisions, especially the most challenging ones.

SCIC has developed a Green Action Plan to spur citizens on. You can download it, read it, pick some new actions, and start pushing yourself to become a more engaged and green citizen.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Educate Yourself

To be engaged global citizens, we must be aware of the world around us. Learning should never stop. Books, magazines, newspapers, documentaries, and blogs are all great ways to learn about the world from our home communities.

The list of great books and media is enormous, but here are some of our favourites:

  • Briarpatch Magazine - This feisty magazine is produced right here in Saskatchewan, but tells stories and uncovers issues relevant to all Canadians.
  • Rabble - Rabble is an online source of "News for the Rest of Us" as they put it. It shares Canadian perspectives of local and international issues.
  • Making the Links Radio - Another Saskatchewan gem, Making the Links is a provocative radio program that spends time talking about issues that other stations and shows won't touch.
  • The 100 Mile Diet: A Year of Local Eating by Alisa Smith - Now a famous concept, Alisa Smith is a trail blazer in the local food movement. This book chronicles her experiment and challenges us all to consider the Miles on our own dinner plate.

These are just a few suggestions. SCIC features books, blogs, videos and more every two weeks in our E-Zine. If you are not on our mailing list, and want these short, sweet and informative emails delivered to your inbox, email SCIC today!