Global Citizen Youth Leadership Program (GCYL)

El Salvador, July 2015

The Global Citizen Youth Leadership (GCYL) program took place during the summer and fall of 2015. As the program is complete, this page is intended for information purposes.

To see the outcomes of the GCYL Program, watch the short Documentary or read the Youth Blog Series:


The Global Citizen Youth Leadership (GCYL) program is a unique, short-term, immersive, international experiential learning opportunity for globally-minded Saskatchewan high school youth.

It is an opportunity for eight Saskatchewan youth to visit and connect with Saskatchewan non-governmental organizations working in El Salvador. Pre-departure training and debriefing ensure that youth participants are supported in understanding these new experiences.

In El Salvador, youth participants meet with staff and volunteers from local organizations, as well as community members who have been impacted by international development efforts. The youth learn more about the work being done in partnership with Saskatchewan non-governmental organizations and their international colleagues, and how they can continue to be involved in international development, locally and globally. Youth participants are accompanied to El Salvador by experienced staff from The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, The Committee Against AIDS (CoCoSI), and the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation (SCIC).

Upon returning the selected youth participate in a speaking tour across Saskatchewan, sharing their experiences and perceptions through a presentation and video they create during their time in El Salvador.


Meet the 2015 Youth Leaders!

The Youth Leaders were selected through a nomination process. Eligible nominees are Saskatchewan high school youth expecting to complete their Grade 11 courses by June 2015.

The GCYL program aims to be representative of youth from diverse regional and cultural backgrounds including northern and southern, rural and urban communities throughout Saskatchewan.

Download – Draft itinerary for travel within El Salvador

Download – Overview of El Salvador