Global Citizen Awards

Presented by the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation, the Global Citizen Award recognizes Saskatchewan people who make amazing contributions to international development, cooperation, peace and justice.

Award recipients

Awards are presented annually during International Development Week celebrations, which take place during the first full week of February (this year, February 2-9, 2019). The Global Citizen Awards ceremony brings people from across Saskatchewan together to celebrate, to learn from one another, and to network and build relationships with like-minded people.

Nominations for the 2019 award are now closed. See below for winners!

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About the Award

Award recipients have dedicated themselves to building a better world, raising awareness about global issues and how to get involved in making change. Though the work of international development is a collective task, it is important to recognize that the individual actions of one person, one group, or one campaign can make a difference.

Global Citizen Award honourees are nominated and selected through a peer review process. Since it was initiated in 1990, more than 100 Saskatchewan people, organizations, and campaigns have received the Global Citizen Award. During the 27 years of the award's history, honourees have come from numerous backgrounds including educators, youth, community organizers, politicians, doctors, volunteers, and those working in the field overseas.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nominee must be a resident of Saskatchewan or have a strong connection to this province
  • International development and/or education work undertaken by the nominee must be *non-proselytizing, as reflected in SCIC's bylaws
  • International development and/or education work undertaken by the nominee must adhere to SCIC's Statement of Development Principles

*Recognized global standards clearly state that agencies may not condition the receipt of assistance or participation in their work on any requirement that people listen and respond to a message intended to induce people to join a religious movement, political party, or other cause of organization.

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SCIC Global Citizen Award Honourees

2019Joanne BlytheNest SaskatoonRhonda RosenbergCheryl StadnichukKyla Wendell McIntyre

2018 - Dave Mitchell, Abdullahi Nunow, Dr. Alaa Murabit, Marcella Pedersen, Terri Sleeva

2017 - Youth & Innovation Award: Micheal LanganTracey MitchellJamal Tekleweld, World University Service of Canada (WUSC)Lifelong Global Citizen AwardJack Boan

2016Trudi GuniaKlaus Gruber, Cindy HansonArmella Sonntag

2015 - Dr. Shauneen Pete, David Wessel & Wilma Bell WesselReyn Lauer, Poverty Costs Campaign, Mennonite Central Committee Saskatchewan

 2014 - Idle No More; Stop UR Deportations; Mark Bigland-Pritchard; Lori Latta; Bev Maxim; Florence Stratton

2013 Jim HardingJoan RinkLori HansonDenise KouriBruno Hernani (Emerging Global Citizen); Heather Hale (Emerging Global Citizen)
2012 - JoAnn Jaffe, Susana Deranger; Patricia Elliott; Connor Kindred (Youth Award); The Committee for Future Generations Youth Walkers (Youth Award)
2011 - Catherine Verrall; John and Betsy Bury; Arnold and Bertha Epp; John Crawford
2010 - Jeremy Wildeman; Making the Links Radio; Daughters of Africa; Isabelle Muzichuk; Rodney Sidloski
2009 - Dale Dewar and Bill Curry; The Prairie Messenger
2008 - Saskatchewan Friends of Burma; Priscilla Settee, My Teacher is a Global Citizen: Sheelah McLean
2007 - Ryan Meili; Craig Lenz; Eddie Mwunvaneza, My Teacher is a Global Citizen: Louise Bitz
2006 - Rodolfo Pino-Robles; Peter Garden; Iris Sinclair, My Teacher is a Global Citizen: Laurel Labar-Ahmed
2005 - Margorie Cline; Michelle Beveridge; Jake and Louise Buhler
2004 - Elaine McNeil; Christine Lwanga; Karen Timoshuk; Stephen Lewis; Christine Zyla
2003 - Nancy Allan; Gerri and Murray Dickson; Otto and Florence Driedger; Intercultural Grandmothers Uniting Volunteer for Peace Award: Nayyar & Hamid Javed; Youth Award: Renee McKenzie
2002 - Merv Harrison; Mardele and Fred Harland; Saskatchewan International Labour Project; Volunteer for Peace Award: Joanna Miller Youth Award: Jason Horsman
2001 - Warren Crossman; Father Lawrence deMong; Hazel and Gordon Jardine; George Manz; Mary Pyne
2000 - Sister Miriam Spenrath; Dan Beveridge; Ten Thousand Villages
1999 - Ron de la Hey; CUSO Saskatchewan Volunteers 1988-1998
1998 - Jim Mercer; Nike/Levi Campaign - Development & Peace Saskatchewan Volunteers; Development Education Volunteer Award: Jeanette Dean
1997 - Don Kossick; Sel Murray; Development Education Volunteer Award: Alphonse Gerwing
1996 - Betty Payne and Kay Williams; Everett Brown; Common Ground, Regina YMCA Women & Social Development Award: Helen Smith McIntyre
1995 - Sister Thomas (Margaret) Bernhard; Women & Social Development Award: Women of the NFU, Regiona VI - Nettie Wiebe and Wendy Manson
1994 - Ed Mahood; Ben Smillie; Media Award: Briarpatch Magazine
1993 - Mary Helen Miller; Cathryn Ellis; Leo Kurtenbach; Michael Murphy and Lynn Hainsworth; Media Award: The Western Producer
1992 - Rev. Mary Haggart; Irene Lodge; Romulo Marcenaro; Loreen Wilsdon; Youth Awards: April Brass, Weyburn Junior High Red Cross Youth Group
1991 - Margaret Cloak; Therese LeClair; Grace Pine; Bryan Tudor

To nominate someone please contact us, we'd be glad to hear about it.