Generating Momentum

What We Do

Generating Momentum is an activist leadership training camp for youth between the ages of 18-35. The camp is focused on educating, training, and organizing around social and environmental justice issues, and giving youth the tools to create meaningful change in their communities. The camp explores the interconnectedness of social, economic, ecological, or global justice issues.

Our Story

In 2010, SCIC and RPIRG began a conversation about exploring collaborative programming for young movers and shakers in Saskatchewan. Together the groups strategized about working together to educate, train, and organize a movement of young leaders working for social and environmental justice in Saskatchewan.

Generating Momentum: Activist Leadership Training Camp was the result.

This community-driven retreat is a chance for experienced activists and organizers to share knowledge with a diverse range of participants working on a variety of issues and campaigns across the province. Over the years, workshops, panel discussions, issue, and skill-building sessions have varied based on demand and feedback from our participants, and have ranged from globalization to food sovereignty, anti-oppression, citizenship, sexual health, organized labor, Treaties, and more. Much of the camp is also spent learning skills and tactics participants can use in the real world.

We aim to create safe, inclusive, challenging, self-reflective, dynamic, interactive, and creative spaces within which all participants can gain an understanding of ways to fight all forms of oppression. At the end of the camp, year after year, we are inspired by the group of passionate, young Saskatchewanians who leave to go out and make their worlds a better place.