Gender Equality and the SDGs

Gender Equality and EDI Training in Saskatoon!

We had diverse participants from various backgrounds: Cuba, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique, China, Pakistan, Ukrainian, Turkey, Afghanistan, Syria, and Canada, among others. Award-winning facilitator Karen Craggs-Milne led the way as participants learned and then applied gender equality and EDI principles, including Intersectionality and gender-based analysis plus, to several different types of initiatives!

Thanks to Karen, our wonderful participants, and the University of Saskatchewan International Office for making this happen!

International Women's Day Concert and Discussion! #EmbraceEquity

International Women's Day photos from our concert and discussion in Saskatoon! SCIC featured many amazing artists and speakers - Manuela Valle Castro, Savelia Curniski, Vibya Natana, Maryam Masoomi, Peace Akintade, Anna Marie Bekolay, Gillian Snider, Raven Reid, Falynn Baptiste, Presley Allyn, Oyin Steve, and Mary Liv & Emmy Lou!

SCIC is committed to gender equality.

SCIC's goals include increasing the awareness and commitment of Canadians in international solidarity efforts towards gender equality, the empowerment of women and girls, advancing Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP), poverty reduction, and contributing to effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

SCICs analysis of power and commitment to partnerships and solidarity complements the FIAP action area of empowerment of women and girls: "FIAP protects and promotes the human rights of all vulnerable and marginalized people and increases their participation in equal decision making. This encourages girls to achieve more equitable access to and control over the resources they need to secure ongoing economic and social equality." Global Affairs Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Gender Equality Toolkit for Projects asserts that enabling the participation of girls empowers them to "become aware of unequal power relations, gain control over their lives, and acquire a greater voice to overcome inequality in their home...and community. Empowerment of women/girls is a collective, social and political process, and not only a process but an outcome too”. (Global Affairs Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Gender Equality Toolkit for Projects, p. 11).  SCIC’s gender-transformative focused programming aims to guide behavioural change. SCIC encourages our community to think critically about their attitudes, biases, and roles in reinforcing gender stereotypes and social norms.

“Advocacy must be based on an analysis of what needs to be changed and why….this analysis must be feminist because only feminism gives an analysis of patriarchy and how it is linked to the structures and relationships of power between men and women that perpetuate violence, poverty - the crises that confront us” ~ Peggy Antrobus, Founding member of DAWN, a feminist network in the global south