Ethical Eats! Mystery Box Challenge

Part 2 of SCIC's Ethical Eats summer events series. See more events in the series


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17 @ 12:00 - 12:45 PM

FW Hill Mall Stage (1800 block Scarth Street)

Join us over the lunch hour as two local chefs face off to create delicious meals using a mystery box of local, fair trade and organic ingredients. The chefs will only have access to basic kitchen equipment and a few pantry items, showing how practical it can be to cook with responsibly sourced food from businesses on SCIC's Ethical Eats directory!

Special Guest Chefs:

Chef Mariana Brito (The Backyard, Regina); Chef Jenni (Chef Jenni's Catering, Saskatoon).




Supporting organic, local, and fair trade food can feel like a challenge: cost, unfamiliarity, and lack of time can all be barriers to supporting more ethical food options. But eating more ethically and supporting local and global farmers CAN be practical. We want to demonstrate that creativity and education can be resourceful tools in helping Saskatchewan residents overcome these barriers, and to have fun doing it!