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Educators for Solidarity - Radio Interview in El Salvador

Saskatchewan Educators Interviewed on Radio Victoria in El Salvador

This summer, eight dedicated education students from the U of R, U of S, and the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Program (SUNTEP) embarked on a global journey to draw connections between local and global work for health, dignity and human rights. During their time with local partners in El Salvador learning about health, gender, Indigenous rights, solidarity, and education for global citizenship, the group was invited to stop by Radio Victoria in Victoria, CabaƱas to talk about their experience. Listen to the interview

About Radio Victoria:

Founded in the aftermath of El Salvador's bloody civil war, today Radio Victoria transmits daily local and international news and other programs to local communities. The journalists who run the station are mostly young adults who grew up in Honduran refugee camps and returned to the area with their families as the civil war raged around them.

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