Lesson Plan

Ecological Footprint; Food Miles; Sustainable Food Production - Social Studies 6-9

This unit is about food sustainability in our society.  It discusses ideas such as a

"food imprint" (how much food we eat, waste, etc).  The lesson describes ways to teach how science and health are somewhat synonymous when discussing ideas like food intake and how to properly care for food growth. It requires students to research and evaluate texts based on their value.

This unit is the first of a three-unit resource that was produced by the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate (SOD) for middle year’s learners to explore the challenges and advantages of local food production, particularly that which is embedded in a holistic view of human connection to and dependence on ecological systems. These units contextualize the benefits of local, organic foods within the larger picture of sustainability principles and practices.

Within unit one there are seven lessons which introduce students to the connections between their food choices and their ecological foot prints, and making healthy choices.

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