Contributing to Canada's International Assistance Review

SCIC members, along with our counterparts across the country through the Inter-Council Network, are pleased to share our collaborative recommendations submitted to Global Affairs Canada's (GAC) International Assistance Review. The document, Canada 2030: ICN National Submission on Global Affairs Canada's International Assistance Review, collects recommendations from nearly 400 organizations and a total of 859 individual participants from across Canada around six key pillars.

The GAC International Assistance Review, which closed on July 31, will inform how Canada can best refocus its international assistance on the poorest and most vulnerable people and support fragile states. It will also shape Canada's approach to implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This report provides an overview of the key messages arising from ICN member consultations across the country. It brings together common recommendations from across Councils, and highlights areas of consensus. Though regional differences exist, overall the member consultations revealed a significant degree of overlap in terms of priorities.

Following an overview of the consultation processes, the report sets out ten overarching recommendations for Canada’s approach to international cooperation and international assistance. The remainder of the report is structured around the six pillars in the International Assistance Review, and includes a series of specific recommendations that respond to questions outlined in Global Affairs Canada's discussion paper.