Education Module

Common Threads: Weaving Child Rights & Global Education Module 1: Exploring Rights - Social Studies, ELA 3

Students are introduced to basic human rights as entitlements that everyone holds. Students further examine how their wants and needs are consistent with human rights and more specifically, with the rights of a child.

Lesson 1.1: Child Rights are Human Rights

Examine the needs and wants of children and consider the rights of all children; students will address their own wants and needs, begin to comprehend the Convention on the Rights of the Child and create a mind map about the information on child rights.

Lesson 1.2: Child Rights

Students are introduced to child rights and who is responsible for upholding the rights; students will group child rights into the four categories of survival, development, protection or participation. Students will further examine each individual category, determining who within the community is responsible for children’s accessibility to these rights.

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