Lesson Plan

Climate Change: Creating Solutions for our Future - Social Studies 7

This extensive resource was jointly developed by the Lethbridge Environment Week Committee, USC Canada, and Alberta Environment. It includes six lessons, numerous activities, background information for teachers, and evaluation suggestions. Lessons can be used individually or as a group.

The lessons include "Picturing Climate Change" where "students learn why human activity has contributed to climate change in the past 250 years, and about the United Nations Framework on Climate Change," "The Heat is On" that deals with Environmental Heroes in a game show format, and "The World in a Bottle" where students create a model of the Earth.

Lesson 4 is called "The World Wide Web" where "students are guided through several web sites [especially designed] for children." In lesson 5, students examine "Human Interactions" and learn how the people in Mali, West Africa are dealing with climate change. Lesson 6 concludes the package by issuing a call for action to encourage students to become active in their school and community by sharing their knowledge with others.

Ecological Footprints From Around the World - Social Studies 8

This lesson plan comes from CHF (formerly the Canadian Hunger Foundation). In it, students will discover their own ecological footprint and will be able to compare it to that of people in various developing countries. They will also explore how their actions can impact the earth.

The lesson provides all needed black line masters and includes extra teacher resources such as a country information sheet, glossary, additional web-based resources, extension ideas, teacher background information, and a handout on taking further action. The lesson plan does not contain an evaluation scheme.

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