IDW Classroom Art Contest 2022

IDW Classroom Art Contest 2022


Artists: K-12 Classrooms

Why: It is International Development Week in Canada, February 6-12, an annual initiative held during the first week of February since 1991 to engage Canadians on global issues.

At SCIC we believe that art can make people stop and think, art can move people to action. We believe that art is activism!

The IDW Classroom Art Contest challenges you to get creative and inspire others using art. Add your voice, along with your classmates’ voices, to a global movement of creating diversity, inclusion, and equality for all.

Rules & Guidelines:

  1. Contest is open to K-12 Classrooms in Saskatchewan. 
  2. Classrooms will read the book One World,One Day by Barbara Kerley together as a class.
  3. Classes will decide on a theme in the book focussed around diversity, inclusion and equality that they want to represent through their art creations.
  4. Each student will create a work of art to reflect the theme the class chose from the book, One World, One Day and put their works of art together with their classmates’ works of art to create one large classroom art piece. This collaborative art piece will be submitted in the form of a photo of the combined pieces. 
  5. Submission must be in the form of a photograph of all the students’ pieces of art put together into one piece of art and a maximum 250 word statement outlining which theme was chosen for the pieces of art and why.
  6. Only one submission per class.
  7. Each class submission must be original and previously unpublished. It must also be the sole work of the students.
  8. Your class submission should take into account SCIC’s Value Statement: We are committed to the recognition of the dignity of all people and their right to self-determination, to the protection of the world’s fragile environment, to the equitable distribution of power, and to the promotion of global understanding, cooperation, peace and justice through mutual learning, partnership, transparency and solidarity.
  9. Classes and Teachers must agree to have the picture of their combined art project posted on SCIC’s social media channels (other information included with the photograph will be School, Grade, and Teacher’s Name).
  10. The winner will be chosen by SCIC’s Board of Directors Membership and Awards Committee members through a voting process.
  11. There will be three categories for submission: Early Years Classrooms (grades pre-K - 4, Middle Years Classrooms (grades 5-8), and High School Classrooms (grades 9-12)
  12. The winning classrooms from each category will be awarded a Global Citizenship Education Classroom Resource Package valued at $1000.

Where to find One World, One Day

  1. Check your school’s library - you just might have a copy available!
  2. Order your own copy from Amazon, or ask your school’s teacher librarian to order a copy for the school.
  3. Check out the free Read Aloud on YouTube 

After reading the book, we also encourage you to check out National Geographic's Support Materials for some fun activities to do with your class! 

One World, One Day by Barbara Kerley

One World, One Day uses exquisite, moving photographs and Barbara Kerley's poetic text to convey a simple yet profound concept: we are one global family. This is a sophisticated concept book, presented as an elegant picture book with contributions from top international photographers. This beautiful photo book follows the course of one day in our world. Sunrise to sunset is captured in the essential things we all do daily, wherever we live in the world, and in the different ways we do them. The first meal of the day will take on a whole new dimension for American kids as an American pancake breakfast is contrasted with porridge in North Korea and churros in Spain. At the end, each image is reprinted as a thumbnail and accompanied by a detailed caption. Selected images feature photographers' notes that share the thoughts and methodology involved in the making of the picture and reveal fascinating behind-the-scenes information. The photographers reflect on how the pictures might resonate within the theme of the global family. Such reflections are rooted in the life experiences of these well-traveled professionals. Their global viewpoints, in tandem with Barbara Kerley's powerful message, set an ideal example for all future world citizens.

Ready to send? Send your submission to SCIC’s Education Program Coordinator - Amy at [email protected]

When submitting please include: name of school, location of school, grade of participating class, and Teacher’s name with a maximum 250 word statement outlining which theme was chosen for the pieces of art and why.

*** All entries must be submitted by Friday, February 4, 2022 at 5pm (CST) ***