Education Module

Children's Rights (module) - Social Studies 6-8

On November 20th 1989, the United Nations adopted the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). This convention spells out the basic human rights to which children everywhere are entitled. However, despite the efforts to ratify this convention, to this day there are youth around the world that are still being denied their rights.

This module (4-5 lessons) is designed to help educators dive deeply into children’s rights issues. Using dynamic student-centred activities, students are encouraged to learn the facts and engage with the issues. From this process they will emerge as children’s rights advocates, ready to engage in tangible outlets to create change.

This lesson consists of three parts: orientation activities, core activities and concluding activities. For a thorough understanding of children’s rights, teach the activities in sequence as a unit plan. If you have less class time, select one activity from each section (i.e.: one orientation activity, one core activity, and one concluding activity). After participating in this lesson, students will emerge as knowledgeable and enthusiastic advocates for change, eager to take action and engage in their global community on this important global issue.

Together, let’s use education to combat apathy and encourage change.

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