Canada in Africa: 300 Years of Aid & Exploitation – Saskatchewan Book Launch & Author Talk


3:00 PM – Turning the Tide Bookstore, 615 Main Street

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6:30 PM – Artful Dodger Cafe & Music Emporium, 1631 11th Ave.

3:30 PM – U of R Classroom Building Room Room 312 (CL 312)

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Join us for the prairies launch of this important book with author Yves Engler. details Canada’s foreign policy as it relates to the African continent, shedding light on our dark track record for all Canadians to see. “Yves Engler continues his groundbreaking analyses of past and present Canadian foreign policy with Canada in Africa – 300 years of Aid and Exploitation. This work documents Canadian involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, “scramble for Africa”, missionary movement and European colonialism. The book also reveals Ottawa’s opposition to anti-colonial struggles, support for apartheid South Africa and Idi Amin’s coup as well as this country’s role in ousting independence leaders. If you’ve ever wondered why 45% of Africans still live on less than one dollar a day you should read this book.” Read more reviews about Canada in Africa…