Bylaws & Policies

The Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation (SCIC) is governed by its Bylaws and Policies last updated in 2017.

SCIC is governed by an elected Board of Directors drawn from a representative mixture of diverse organizations. The Board of SCIC is a working board, made up of volunteers committed to the goals of the Council. The activities of SCIC are planned, implemented and evaluated by standing committees, which are composed of Board members and persons drawn from the membership and community as required. An Executive Director works with the Board to carry out programming and the administration of the Council.

SCIC and all its members are also responsible for following the Code of Ethics approved in June of 2004.


SCIC is proud to be a Fair Trade Certified Workplace!

On June 14, 2016 SCIC was designated as a fair trade workplace by Fairtrade Canada! Drop by for a meeting or chat, and we'll be sure to greet you with fair trade coffee, tea, or snacks and of course information and materials for you to learn more about the fair trade movement.

Interested in certifying your workplace, school, or faith group? It's free in exchange only for your dedication and commitment: