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As a member of SCIC, you will be a part of a vibrant network of organizations and individuals dedicated to global understanding, cooperation, peace, and justice. Collectively, we work together to connect people to the information and ideas they need to be great global citizens and take meaningful action for a more just and sustainable world.

Why become a member?

Membership in SCIC gives you access to a community of international development, humanitarian relief, and public engagement practitioners with whom you can share ideas and opportunities.  You will share in SCIC’s purpose of building awareness, connections, capacity, and momentum among members and the general public. Membership in SCIC opens up possibilities for networking and collaboration, communication, public engagement, capacity building, knowledge sharing and peer learning as well as representation at the local, national and international level. Join us!  Together, a better world is possible. 

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Organizational Membership

Organizational Membership with SCIC represents your commitment to undertaking international or community development, global justice, and/or environmental justice education programming and initiatives in Saskatchewan. Additionally, SCIC expects organizational members to have a genuine, organized Saskatchewan base that can participate in and support the work of the council and the global justice network in Saskatchewan.

Become an Organizational Member of SCIC!

See the SCIC Organizational Member Application Guide for more information.

The following types of organizations and groups are eligible for membership with SCIC:

  • Non-profit organizations registered in Saskatchewan;
  • Non-profit or charitable organizations registered in Canada and working in Saskatchewan;
  • Organizations, unions, groups, coalitions, institutions or private sector enterprises;
  • Saskatchewan-based academic entities or research centers affiliated with a recognized Saskatchewan college, university, or school district.

Individual Membership

Individual Membership in SCIC is open to all people interested in global justice and sustainable development. Although Individual Memberships are free, SCIC is a registered charitable organization and non-profit so we do accept donations.  

Become an Individual Member of SCIC!

Read the SCIC Individual Member Application Guide for more information.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are paid annually on April 1st of each year in support of our collective vision. SCIC gladly welcomes members at any time throughout the year.

Individual Members: Free of cost.

Organizational Members: $50.00

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