Lesson Plan

Amnesty International – Child Soldiers - Social Studies 6-7

This lesson plan uses Ishmael Beah’s first-hand account of life as a child soldier to encourage students to expand their understanding beyond themselves: to think globally and to think about human rights. It is designed for use with film clips from Ishmael Beah’s session at the Human Rights Action centre. www.amnesty.org.uk/childsoldier

The lesson plan is for use with young people aged between 11 and 14, but it may be possible to adapt some activities to an older age group. The activities can be used in a stand-alone lesson in citizenship or in an interdisciplinary project in English or Art to encourage students to make connections between different areas of learning. The activities enable young people to learn independently and as part of a group, and to apply their learning in new contexts.

Extension activities can be used as homework or in additional lessons to allow students to develop independent study skills and their knowledge of the subject.

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