Lesson Plan

AIDS in Africa: The Scope of the Problem - Grade 11, Social Studies 20, Unit 2: Population; Unit 3: Environment

This lesson was prepared in collaboration with the Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water at the Environmental Protection Agency in the U.S.

As part of the lesson, students will learn about how water becomes impure with parasites and other contaminants; they will read personal accounts of unsafe water; and they'll work together to brainstorm solutions to the water problems of communities in Africa.

The lesson plan covers eight class periods, but teachers may find that they will be able to cover the material more quickly. Access to a computer lab (or computer connected to a projector) will be needed to view the photos during the first part of the lesson. Students will need to use the computer lab for research during the latter stages of the lesson. They will also need access to poster board or other material for their final product.

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