Lesson Plan

Addressing World Hunger - Social Studies 8

This lesson, from the National Geographic, introduces students to programs that exist to address the complex problem of world hunger. They will read articles about specific initiatives and projects, and will be asked to discuss these projects and whether they think they are effective. Students conclude by writing statements they would make to friends or relatives who think the world hunger problem may be irresolvable.

During the lesson, student will discuss some of the reasons why people go hungry. They will read become familiar with three organizations that are fighting world hunger, and write sentences describing what each organization does, read articles on projects aimed at alleviating hunger, label maps with the places mentioned in the articles, discuss the articles as a class, and write statements to friends or relatives who might find the world hunger situation hopeless.

Note: While the lesson is not intended as an exhaustive look at world hunger, it provides a good introduction to the issue.

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