About SCIC

Staff Members

Jessica Wood

Executive Director (Interim) | Email

Jessica has been involved with SCIC since 2012, first as a supporter, then as staff, and most recently as the President of our Board of Directors. She is a strong feminist and environmentalist with 20 years experience in the International and Community Development sectors, including community-based work experience in Northern Ontario, Central America, Australia, and Asia.

Jessica believes a more just and sustainable world is possible, and that as the challenges we face both globally and locally are interconnected, so too, are the solutions.

Arlene Janzen

Finance Officer | Email

Arlene is the Finance Officer at SCIC and has been in that position since 1993. Previously she was on the Board of Directors for SCIC. Arlene’s work includes ensuring the finances of SCIC are accurate and transparent and to help ensure the viability and sustainability of SCIC.

Denise MacDonald

Member Services and Public Engagement Officer | Email

Denise is SCIC’s Member Services and Public Engagement Officer and has been with the organization since 2000. She holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Regina and a BA, Honours in International Development and Political Science from the University of Toronto.

She is responsible for overseeing SCIC’s Member Services including capacity-building and learning opportunities for SCIC members. She organizes SCIC’s public engagement events to promote networking and movement building, and supports efforts to create a more just and sustainable world.

Steffany Salloum (on leave)

Public Engagement Program Officer | Email

Steffany is the Public Engagement Program Officer at SCIC. While working as a teacher in the Trek School experiential program, she provided students with opportunities to take social or environmental action in their schools and communities. Steffany’s role includes managing all aspects of our Global Citizenship Education Program, building the capacity of Saskatchewan educators to teach from a global perspective.


Robbi Humble

Communications Officer | Email

Robbi took on the role of Communications Officer in May 2013, after a year as SCIC’s Programs & Administrative Officer.

She holds a BA, Honours in International Development Studies from the University of Regina. She is responsible for developing SCIC’s publications and web presence, and managing media and publicity for programs and events. Robbi truly values her work as a member of the SCIC team, working to promote global citizenship in Saskatchewan, and to facilitate sustainable solutions to global justice issues.

Board Members

  • Lynn Gidluck, co-president

  • Leta Atkinson, co-president

  • Thomas Gallet, vice-president
  • Katie Bergman, secretary
  • Judith Rugobya, treasurer
  • Angeline Chia (on leave)
  • Susan Fowler-Kerry (on leave)

  • Narayan Kshetri
  • Rosemary McCallum, past president
  • Lindsay Robertson (on leave)
  • Ofelia Raquinio
  • Nicole Lamers

Members at Large

  • John Parry